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Dariusz Hybel

„We are invited, moment by moment, to cultivate Love Presence in the Uncreated.
Life verifies spirituality. No illusions. Also
these meditative..."

Dariusz Hybel

He was born on 3 October 1966 r. in Głogów (conceived in January in the same city), son of Janina and Jerzy.

He was associated with the Center of Christian Meditation in Lubiń since February 1991, long-standing assistant of Fr. John Bereza, whom he met for the first time in 1989 during Buddhist Days organized by the Verbist priests of the Pieniężno Meetings with Religions. In 2006 Fr. Maksymilian invited him to jointly lead the practice and in 2010 to conduct meditation sessions in Center independently.

Dariusz Hybel graduated from philosophy in Poznań (Adam Mickiewicz University – Saint John of the Cross higher degree), from theology (Pontifical Faculty of Theology in Wrocław – graduation), The Gestalt Psychotherapy School (Krakow). He participated in the classes of the Carmelitanum Institute of Spirituality (Poznan), and also graduated from the Coach Academy at the Poznań School of Banking.

In the years 1993–2004, he was actively associated with politics and self-government (i.a. in 1998, he co-founded a civic organization, the so-called “Poznan Pedestrian Party” in the years 1998–2002 he was a councilor of the Poznan City Council).

As a journalist, he wrote hundreds of texts on socio-economic, political and religious topics; he cooperated with “Dziennik Poznański,” weeklys “Najwyższy Czas!”, “Niedziela”; in 1997, he was editor-in-chief of the weekly “Wielkopolanin.” He wrote two books about the functioning of the European Union from the perspective of a conservative (field of moral values) and a libertarian (field of economics). Currently, he is the deputy editor-in-chief of the magazine “Głos dla Życia.”

The Center of Christian Meditation in Lubiń is an important spiritual place for him. It was here that his search for the practice of prayer gained power.

Staying every day, like the vast majority of participants in a meditation session, outside the monastery, he knows the challenges perfectly – often painful – combining Christian spirituality and the secular life. Although at a deep level, there is no “secular” and „monastic” life. He has experienced that the relationship with God and following suit Jesus must find its concrete, individual expression in everyday life: „We are invited, moment by moment, to cultivate Love Presence in the Uncreated. Life verifies spirituality. No illusions. Also, these meditative…”

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