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Late Fr. Jan Bereza OSB

The fire didn't let him stop only on the outside. It was difficult for him to function in structures and systems. He could not fit into any schemes and did not match any role. He was a free mind looking for something else, deeper. Who is my God? Where is my God?
Maksymilian Nawara OSB about Jan Bereza

Born 17 July 1955 in Warsaw, he died on 20 February 2011 in Leszno, Benedictine, and propagator of Christian Meditation. He was born as Mirosław Bereza, a graduate of philosophy at the Academy of Catholic Theology (since 1999 Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University) in Warsaw, in 1982 he joined the Benedictine Monastery in Lubiń and took the name Jan. In 1988 he was ordained a priest, in the years 1999–2002, he was the prior of the monastery community. From 1998 he was a member of the Polish Episcopate Committee for Dialogue with Non-Christian Religions.

In 1988, he founded the Center of Christian Meditation in Lubiń, which he managed until 2006. He collaborated with The World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM) and Benedictine Commission for Monastic Interreligious Dialogue. He popularized eastern meditation techniques, trying to adapt them to the needs of Christian prayer. He initiated the Christian Meditation Days in Lubiń. In the Center he founded, meditation was taught according to the tradition of monological prayer, with one short invocation from the Bible. He was involved in the Christian-Buddhist dialogue.