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Internal activities

DZIAŁALNOŚĆ WEWNĘTRZNA Our prime ministration is closely related to our activities within the Center of Christian Meditation itself. As part of this activity, the following initiatives are undertaken:

Open sessions

They constitute the oldest measure of activity. They have been organized since the beginning of the Center’s existence. Traditionally, they take place once a month, usually on the third weekend, and are addressed to everyone who wants to experience a few days of intensive meditative practice. Open sessions start with some kind of practical initiation and general theological introduction to the meditation subject. Meetings are not themed and have an almost fixed structure. They are a unique opportunity for joint pray. Both for those longer associated with the Center and for beginners. Like meditation practice itself, there is no division into degrees nor levels.

Longer sessions

Longer sessions are organized at the Center at least twice a year. One during the holiday season, the other during the New Year. These sessions are intended for people associated with the Center for some time. It is not about progress in meditation. But because of the prior knowledge of the practice itself and the structure of the session. It is necessary because longer sessions may be more demanding.

Sessions for groups affiliated to the Center

Groups were constituting the Lubiń Community of Christian Meditation Groups engendered from standard practice at the Center. The Center is a spiritual home for them and a place of formation. It is essential, therefore, that at least once a year, each group has the opportunity to come to the Center. Sessions addressed to groups provide an opportunity for a personal meeting with the teacher and to deal with issues, problems, questions regarding the functioning of the group. During such sessions, there is usually more space for asking questions and talking to the leader, while respecting the traditional course of the meeting.

Individual sessions

People, who follow the path of inner prayer and have the desire to spend more intense, longer time on this practice, can have a personal session in the monastery. At the end of the session, you have to make an appointment in person with Fr. Maksymilian and set the time range and session plan with him. People who take part in this session, join the monks’ regular schedule, have extra longer meditations, and are in constant contact with the leader daily.