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External activities

EXTERNAL ACTIVITIES “If you make something from your soul,
you feel the river of emotion and joy.”


Away sessions (Kraków, Gryżyna, Łódź)

Meditation sessions outside the Center in Lubiń have been organized for years in various places in Poland. Regular retreats for everyone are arranged in the Meditation and Recreation Center “Anapausis” in Gryżyna. There are sessions in or around Krakow once or twice a year, addressed mainly to Krakow groups associated with the Meditation Center in Lubiń. Similarly, for Łódź groups, sessions are organized around Łódź.

Workshops and one-day meditation meetings (Łódź, Olsztyn, Lubiń)

The Center also conducts workshops and one-day meditation meetings, which regularly take place in Łódź and Olsztyn. They are usually open for everyone and combined with meditation lectures.  We periodically inform you about these meetings on the website. There are also workshops for parents and teachers associated with kindergarten “Tratwa” (Raft) in Gostyń, with which the Center has been cooperating in a children’s meditation project for several years.

Lectures, conferences

Teachers (Fr. Maksymilian and Dariusz Hybel) give a series of lectures and conferences throughout the country. They continuously cooperate with the Dominican School of Faith in Gdańsk, Łódź, Poznań, Wrocław, and Szczecin. Fr. Maksymilian regularly conducts meditation retreats for Dominican brothers for several years in Służew and open meditation retreat in Lent, in the church of Jerusalem Communities in Warsaw.

Articles, Book Projects

Teachers have completed the book project – post mortem interview with Fr. Jan Bereza. “Listen, meditation is…”, constituting a compendium of teaching meditation and interreligious dialogue on a monastic ground.

The plans for the near future are to start working on another book about meditation practice: “Reguły praktyki” (Practice Rules), and systematic development of Lubiń teaching, which will be included in the publication cycle „Droga miłującej Obecności” (The Way of Loving Presence).

The book of Fr. Maksymilian “Oddychać imieniem” (Breathe the Name) published in February 2017. The book is the fruit of the conferences given by the author during meditation sessions in Lubiń and Bronowice in 2007-2011.

Teachers regularly cooperate with the magazine “Charaktery – Medytacja” (Characters – Meditation) and periodically write articles for various magazines, which announcement you can always find on our website.